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Rev up your marketing with ClikitySplit & leave your competitors in the dust.
They will never catch up!
ClikitySplit’s easy-to-implement, simple-to-use, quick-to-update real time dynamic marketing tools are the magic bullet for every size businesses marketing arsenal.
ClikitySplit’s patented mobile marketing tools don’t just level the playing field. They turn ordinary advertisers into savvy marketers by empowering them to immediately respond to deteriorating traffic conditions by running enticing “Flash Sales” to excite customers and drive revenue, securing a significant marketing advantage over their competitors.
"I just looked at ClikitySplit. Advertising and media paradigms need an overhaul and this is the best website I have ever seen bar none to address it. Local media outlets should take a look at this. Changing categories with just a tap is the technology needed for today’s search. New search results are shown right on the same map. Current search engines require a brand new search, ClikitySplit does not. ClikitySplit is very visual, fast as lightning and has no tacky banner ads. This website merits attention."
Maki Hatae, Senior Producer at NHK Broadcasting Corporation
See ClikitySplit in Action
To see ClikitySplit in action, tap ClikitySplit.com/merebulles. View the video that displays at login, then "X" out of the video and sit back and watch the future of mobile marketing unfold right before your very eyes.
ClikitySplit Patented
Real Time Technology
On October 20, 2020 I received utility Patent #10,810,619 on ClikitySplit’s real time marketing technology.
Real time marketing IS the future of marketing because it turns ordinary advertisers into savvy marketers, empowering them to change their content in real time often to run enticing special sales promotions or immediately respond to deteriorating business conditions, exciting their followers and filling those empty seats and stores.
Using ClikitySplit, savvy marketers change the content of their rich, multimedia mobile website in just 2-3 minutes to run tempting, time-sensitive “Flash Sales” to drive traffic.
The Flash Sales can be run automatically during the businesses’ typical slow times and built 7 days in advance, rolling over automatically at midnight.
Once the Flash Sales are published, ClikitySplit immediately pushes notifications to the businesses’ customer’s opted-in smartphones and the businesses’ Facebook timeline and “X” (Twitter) feed.
Built for Both Businesses & End Users
ClikitySplit is not only revolutionizing mobile marketing for businesses, it is also revolutionizing the search process.
ClikitySplit is 99.9% tapping, not typing. Typing is only required to change the default hyperlocal map that displays at login based on the end user’s current GPS coordinates. Searches take only 3-5 seconds with all spam eliminated. Do I hear a hallelujah?
Searches are initiated by tapping a category and then a subcategory. Immediately, search results are shown visually via green and red dots.
  • Displays the businesses name, address, city, state, zip code, and phone number.
  • Signifies the business uses ClikitySplit’s real time dynamic marketing technology.
Content of the red dots is where the business really stands out and where real time dynamic marketing differentiates the business from its competitors.
The businesse’s rich, multimedia mobile website contains five “marketing accordions” (“Hot Deals”, “Coupons”, “Multimedia” (Slideshow, Video, Audio), “Menus”, “Quick Info-Guest Reviews”), giving the consumer all the all the decision-influencing information they could ever desire.
To change categories (e.g. Restaurants → Retail/Shopping) or subcategories (e.g. Restaurants → Steak → Seafood), there is no need to start a brand new search as required by the search engines. Just tap the category or subcategory. Immediately, the new search results are displayed on the same hyperlocal map where the previous search results were displayed.
As a result, ClikitySplit is by far the world’s fastest vertical search engine. 1,000 times faster than Google!

Business Owners
Businesses build their own unique, proprietary rich multimedia mobile website (dynamic billboard) in 20-25 minutes with ClikitySplit’s step-by-step wizard and change their content thereafter in just 2-3 minutes. Nothing is simpler or faster! Or we will build your dynamic billboard for you for $100.
Differentiating Real Time Marketing Tools
  • 99.9% tapping, not typing
    • Typing is only required to change the default city’s hyperlocal map displayed at login
    • Based on your current GPS coordinates
  • End users are in total control of their mobile experience at all times, pulling down what interests them and solely determining how long it is displayed
    • Nothing is ever “pushed” onto their smartphone
  • Speedy search
    • 1,000 times faster than Google!
    • Limited only by how fast you can tap
  • ClikitySplit prohibits ALL advertising!
    • No push advertising! Never! Ever!
    • ClikitySplit does absolutely NO tracking
  • True “narrowcast analytics”
    • The “Holy Grail of Marketing”
    • ClikitySplit captures every interaction with the business’s proprietary “dynamic billboard”
    • Only ClikitySplit can capture them!
    • One of ClikitySplit’s patent claims
  • Once built, contents of the rich, multimedia mobile website can be changed in real time in just 2-3 minutes!
    • Or set up to run automatically during the businesses’ typical slow times
    • And inputted up 7 days in advance, rolling over automatically at midnight
This empowers management to immediately respond to slow traffic conditions to drive revenue. This is powerful, differentiating, real time marketing in action.
  • POIs (points of interest) build their “dynamic billboards” with us
    • Or can build the dynamic billboard themselves in 20-25 minutes with our step-by-step wizard
  • Only POI that meet specific parameters (re category & subcategory) and lie within the displayed map’s GPS coordinates are displayed on the hyperlocal map
Hot Deals
Quick Info
Social Media Interface

Aggressive, effective social media marketing is essential in today’s online world. ClikitySplit has harnessed the power of this major marketing medium.
Each time the business changes its “rich, multimedia mobile website” in ClikitySplit, the update is immediately pushed to its customer’s opted-in smartphones, Facebook timeline and "X" (Twitter) feed, exciting its followers and creating buzz with their friends, filling those empty seats and stores.
Capturing "True"
Narrowcast Analytics
One of ClikitySplit’s most powerful features is its unique ability to capture true “narrowcast analytics” - the holy grail of marketing - which has heretofore been an unattainable goal of every marketer. Capturing "True" Narrowcast Analytics is one of my patented claims.
"Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted. The trouble is I don't know which half."
Responsive image
John Wanamaker
Father of modern advertising and a pioneer in marketing
Since ClikitySplit displays search results based on specific, narrow parameters, (e.g. Restaurants → Steak) and businesses that fall within the displayed map’s GPS coordinates, each time an end user accesses the business’s proprietary “dynamic billboard” every interaction with that dynamic billboard is captured. No other website can do that!
At midnight, the “true” narrowcast analytics are emailed to business management, advising them to which of their marketing endeavors returned a positive return on investment and which ones were a waste of time and money.
ClikitySplit Captures “True”
Narrowcast Analytics
ClikitySplit’s Pricing
ClikitySplit is the magic arrow for your marketing quiver. ClikitySplit doesn't just level the playing field, it empowers its visionary customers with a decided marketing advantage, enabling them to "out-fox & out-market" their deep-pocketed competitors.
For just $19 per day, $599 per month, ClkitySplit empowers you to "out-fox & out-market" your competitors via its patented real time dynamic marketing tools. Talk about a deal with a guaranteed ROI!
Real time dynamic marketing is the future of marketing because it turns ordinary advertisers into savvy marketers by empowering them to immediately communicate enticing “Flash Sales” to their customers, driving traffic and revenue. Real time marketing is especially critical during slow times.
ClikitySplit accepts payment via Venmo and Zelle.
The following unique, powerful, differentiating features
are included in ClikitySplit’s pricing:
Rich Multimedia Mobile Website
ClikitySplit builds a rich, multimedia mobile website with you. It only takes about 30 minutes. Once your “dynamic billboard” is built, the awesome power of real time marketing is at your disposal.
Just compile all your text and images for the “Hot Deals”, “Coupons”, “Multimedia”, “Quick Information”, etc. required into a file and insert them into ClikitySplit’s step-by-step wizard as we proceed. When we finish, you will be the proud owner of a rich, multimedia mobile website.
ClikitySplit.com/merebulles demonstrates a very effective, visual mobile website and the five “marketing accordions” available.
API/UI for Opt-ins
Copy & paste all of your opted-in customer information into ClikitySplit’s portal located at https://ClikitySplit.com/portal. Once uploaded, you are empowered to send out “push notifications” to smartphones and the businesses’ Facebook timeline and Twitter feed.
Rather than sending push notifications to all opt-ins, ClikitySplit makes it simple to be selective by using geofencing. You just choose a 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 mile radius.
Change Your Content in 2-3 Minutes!
Real time dynamic marketing empowers savvy marketers to “out-fox & out-market” their competitors by changing the content of their proprietary rich, multimedia mobile website in real time in just 2-3 minutes to run “Hot Deals” or “Coupons” or immediately respond to deteriorating traffic during slow times by running “Flash Sales”. This real time marketing power completely separates you from your competitors.
For example, savvy restaurateurs change the content of their “dynamic billboard” often during the day to run a breakfast and/or lunch special, then change their content after lunch to drive traffic and revenue during the slow time before happy hour, and then change the content again to run a dinner special. Should they run out of their featured “Hot Deals” entrees, the savvy marketers change their dynamic billboard in 2-3 minutes to run another special offer, never missing a beat, never missing a sale. That is the power of real time dynamic marketing!
Immediate “Push Notifications” to Smartphones
Each time the content of the dynamic billboard is changed, ClikitySplit immediately pushes notifications to the opt-in customer’s smartphones and their Facebook timeline and Twitter feed, exciting their followers and driving traffic and revenue.
True “Narrowcast Analytics”
Accurate analytics are critical to decision making. ClikitySplit doesn’t just tell you that our real time marketing tools work, we prove it!
For any point of interest to display on any of ClikitySplit’s maps, that POI must fall within the displayed map’s GPS coordinates. As a result, ClikitySplit captures every interaction with the businesses’ rich, multimedia mobile website. ClikitySplit is the only website that can capture true “narrowcast analytics”, one of our patented claims.
At midnight, the “true” narrowcast analytics are emailed to business management, advising them to which of their marketing endeavors returned a positive return on investment and which ones were a waste of time and money.
Effective & Inexpensive
Offline Marketing
ClikitySplit teaches customers how to effectively and inexpensively market their business offline via simple, powerful, differentiating techniques, empowering them to “out-fox & out-market” their competitors.
Proud Member of
We Run Hot Deals often! Lunch, after lunch, Happy Hour & Dinner!
Opt-in to receive texts or follow us on Facebook & Twitter to receive notifications & promo codes.
Zoom Meetings & Educational Webinars
ClikitySplit holds Zoom meetings or educational webinars weekly as follows:
Among the topics covered:
  • Demonstration of ClikitySplit - The Future of Mobile Marketing
  • Building your Dynamic Billboard in 20-25 minutes with our step-by-step wizard
  • Uniquely changing your content in 2-3 minutes to run enticing sales promotions
  • How to Effectively & Inexpensively Market your business offline
Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays:
1:00pm Central time
During the Zoom meeting, our Founder will build your rich, multimedia mobile website with you.
Reward: 10-day free trial of ClikitySplit’s real time dynamic marketing tools!
Register For Zoom Meeting
Add Your Business to ClikitySplit
Adding your business to ClikitySplit is a snap. It takes only a minute.
The green dot listing is broken down by category (e.g. Restaurants) and up to three subcategories (e.g. Steak, Seafood, Ribs).
The “Add Point of Interest” video located under the “Using/More” tab at the bottom of ClikitySplit’s homepage demonstrates the ease of adding your business.
Then, via its Zoom meetings and webinars, ClikitySplit builds their proprietary dynamic billboards with them and teaches them how to “out-fox & out-market” competitors, turning the generic green dot into the real time marketing, revenue-generating red dot.
ClikitySplit gives every business a free “green dot” listing in ClikitySplit. That includes:
  • Name of Business
  • Street address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip code
  • Phone Number
ClikitySplit for Real Estate
Real estate agents are a dime a dozen. So how do you stand out from your competing real estate agents? It is easy with ClikitySplit!
Just give prospective buyers all the information they could ever desire in one central location—the property’s dynamic billboard. Answer all the questions even the pickiest home buyers could ever desire via an informative mobile website and save them time, while impressively showcasing the property via a video and 40 photos that are enlarged with a tap.
If you are the seller and sick of paying high commissions for selling your house and want to DIY it, ClikitySplit has you covered. ClikitySplit for Real Estate empowers even the least tech savvy home owner to build a rich, multimedia mobile website that showcases their property in about 30 minutes.
If you own rental property, ClikitySplit has you covered there too. ClikitySplit for Rental Property uses the same technology as ClikitySplit for Real Estate but is designed specifically for rentals.
The informative video “ClikitySplit for Real Estate” demonstrates the power of ClikitySplit to differentiate your property or listings.
ClikitySplit for Real Estate makes your real estate really stand out by including the following information on your proprietary “accordions”:
  • Description/Overview
  • Key Decision-Influencing Rooms
  • Multimedia:
    • Slideshow
    • Video
    • Audio
  • Photo Gallery
  • Quick Information
Contact Information
Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions. I am eager to teach you real time dynamic marketing and show you how to "out-fox & out-market" your competitors.
Jim Clouse
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